Old or new?

Old or New

Today has been disconnected, a time of reboot.
There is not much but movies and books to entertain.
The neighbours are noisy.
There is a plane overhead, haven’t heard many lately.
Unusual time, unusual pause in human history.

When babies still cry but parents are not allowed to hand them into someone else’s care.
Where elderly are isolated and trapped and ok on their own but endangered in care.
There is still noise but it’s honest, the streets are quieter, the air cleaner and time seems to be standing still, the earth has taken a breath and is waiting to see what humans will do. 

This is a the moment we choose; we go back to old habits and accept what came before or we strike a balance with nature, we take this time to synchronise with earths rhythm once again. 

We listen to the voice of our ancestors and for once we learn, we grow, we sacrifice the self for the many, we see the world from beyond our own skin, we feel the earth breathing through our lungs and we feel the pulse beat, the spirit rise and the joy burst and bubble through our veins, popping and crackling like pop rocks, tingling from the crown of our heads to the tips of our fingers, then seeping through the soles of our feet, returning to renew the earth.

This is bliss, this is the world at one. There are those drawn towards the change and those holding tight to what’s now lost.

When I feel this pulse through me, I am so grateful to be alive, to be trying to capture in words how it feels to be in a changing world, open to possibilities and challenged to grow. 

It feels like the things I’ve allowed to hold me back, to keep me drowning in the broken records of the past are washed away in the clarity of now, in the focus of my mind, in the peace of my soul. 

I am me, the best me today walking toward the next moment of joy and brilliance and courage. Changing the world is easy, our minds forget to allow us the freedom to make the changes. 

Trust, hope, joy; now that the world is paused, this is the time to make the choice.

This moment, this day, this decision, for today and beyond, to choose to be the best now.