When I make time to create, I connect.

I am astonished and captivated, accessing a level of imagination and wonder fueled by joy.


For this moment

Focus brings clarity to the way forward; when the path is unclear and the direction unknown; slow your breathing, give yourself permission to pause, reset and refocus; the way is now clear, focus, keep moving forward. A

Old or new?

Today has been disconnected, a time of reboot.There is not much but movies and books to entertain.The neighbours are noisy.There is a plane overhead, haven’t heard many lately.Unusual time, unusual pause in human history. When babies still cry but parents are not allowed to hand them into someone else’s care.Where elderly are isolated and trapped …

One step

One step, it has to start somewhere, so the first step is the one step that matters Live your true and authentic life, be your true and authentic self Some moments this is clear and easy, others are challenging Every challenge is building your strength and resilience Every step is bringing you closer, look within. …